The St Kilda Experience

Join us at Hebridean Sea Tours for a trip to St Kilda and experience the natural beauty and unique wildlife of these enchanting islands. With the highest sea cliffs in Britain, St Kilda is the most important sea bird breeding station in north west Europe. This dual World Heritage Site has the largest colony of guillemots in the world, the oldest and largest colony of fulmars, the biggest colony of puffins in Britain and over one million birds in total. 

 Tour the old village, where St Kilda’s indigenous Soay sheep wander and graze among the blackhouse ruins of a bygone island age, or visit the museum house on the main village street, where artefacts from that era are exhibited and a picture of a hard exsistance is evident.

 If you are feeling a little bit more ambitious and you would like to see the Island from(in my opinion) the best perspective, you can scale the slopes of Conachair & Oisebhal to enjoy views from the top of the highest sea cliffs in the UK.  


06:30 Depart - Ardmhor ferry terminal
10:00 (Approx) Arrive - St Kilda Village Bay
15:15 Return to vessel for tea, coffee, & refreshments.
15:30 Depart  - Village Bay for tour of the stacks and Boreray
16:30 Depart  - Boreray for Barra
19:45(Approx) Arrive - Ardmhor ferry terminal


The 2017 price for a trip to St Kilda is £180 per person with a deposit of £75 per person required to reserve your reservation.


Our main sailing days for St Kilda are Sunday and Monday, Sunday is the main booking day and we run a 2 day confirmed booking window, which means if we can’t sail the Sunday because of adverse weather your reservation is automatically transferred to the Monday sailing.  This can be pre-booked on our booking page.


We also run a standby system for when the vessel is able to sail on the main booking day Sunday and the 2 day window is no longer valid, in this case (weather permitting) we adopt the standby system bookings and we will run on the Monday with persons reserved for that day. Please note that the 2 day window has priority over Monday bookings.